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How to Test Your Entrepreneurial Project Without Taking Any Risks?

I'm not going to take the risk of climbing the gate of the family house even if I need to get in and I don't have the keys. I'm not going to take the risk of taking the metro without my Navigo Pass if I forgot it at home. And I'm not going to take the risk of sharing an article without having read it twice. All my life, I told myself that I was risk averse. I have always identified with my image as a good student, who does her homework in advance and who does not argue with her classmates during class. I followed the “royal road” by going through a preparatory course then by Sciences Po. But my first professional experience disappointed me, and I thought I had found the solution by adding an additional line to my CV. I paid 16,000 euros for a year of study at ESCP Europe to turn to management consulting, and I landed my first permanent contract. That's it, I was off for my great career! And yet, 3 years ago, I threw everything away. What happened ? Once in CDI, in spite of the high-sounding title on the CV and the advantageous salary at the end of the month… I became disillusioned.

I realized that I was not made to spend my days behind a desk in order to climb the ladder. I couldn't find any meaning in my job, but I didn't know what else to do. I searched for “my way” for months. I wanted to start, but I didn't dare to start. So I chose the intermediate solution of Mobile Phone Number working in a startup, and I applied to join an EdTech startup as a business developer. In the months that followed, not a night went by without someone questioning me about my decision to quit… and telling me they wanted to do the same. I became aware of the extent of the problem around me, and I understood that I had something to bring to others. Bingo! I had the idea of ​​my own business there. I was going to create a universe dedicated to those who dream of putting down their dem' and embarking on a new professional adventure: a site with useful and inspiring content, events to federate a community, individual coaching and online training . I only stayed a few months in the startup where I had been recruited and I started full-time in entrepreneurship.

I finally decided to put my freedom and my happiness before my CV . And that's how my company was born, which I called… Pose ta Dem'! Today, I have been an entrepreneur for a year and a half. But I keep checking 3 times that I haven't left my Navigo Pass at home. I am no less cautious than before in the face of risks. I simply realized that the most frightening risk for me was not having no salary at the end of the month, but wasting my time living a life that was not mine. I did not force myself to set up my box. People often ask me: “Aren't you afraid? I'm too scared to take a risk! Not getting by financially / not finding a job if I need it / being frowned upon by my family…” But who said you had to be a hothead to start? I am convinced that you can create your own business without taking any major risk, and that's what I did. You have to differentiate the real danger from the small risk that gives spice to life... and to which I have become addicted! And to test your project without putting yourself in danger, there is a solution that I recommend to all project leaders in my community: start your entrepreneurial project in parallel with your salaried job.

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