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Use of Such a Principle Allows You to Maintain

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First of all, when selecting typefaces, remember that they should match different classifications. The point is that the serif classifications should be combined with the sans-serif classifications, and the sans-serif classifications with the ornamental classifications. Avoid combining two serif or two sans serif letters. the right contrast and avoid chaos during design. The number of fonts used in designing depends on the content that the text is to represent. However, at least one leitmotif should be provided. The multitude of "key topics" will cause chaos in the project. Using multiple fonts to achieve your goals is a difficult task.

To make your work easier, you can use the same fonts, but available in different variants and thicknesses. In this way, you can achieve an effect similar to that of using different fonts, but the workload will be much less (using the same font is easier) When designing pages, remember not to combine multiple fonts. The best solution that works in practice image manipulation service is to combine up to two different families with each other. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the headline texts stand out (however, do not overdo them with their ornamentation, so that they retain their legibility). On the other hand, paragraph texts should be complex so that their perception is not disturbed. It is worth remembering that the easiest way to guarantee the right selection of appropriate typography is to use typefaces that were created within the same familyMatch types include: feature compatibility, contrast (difference in style, color, thickness, size, form) and conflict.

There are special filters that can independently adjust the fonts within the project Color in design December 2, 2016 Articles , Tips color in designColor affects how a given project or product is perceived. It has long been known that colors influence the mood of the audience. Knowledge of the principles of selecting and combining individual colors should be known to specialists who professionally deal with impressing recipients through their works. Colors have a strong influence on people, and the way they are interpreted is the result of psychological, cultural, and even religious and historical determinants. The purpose of using appropriate colors by the designer is to influence the recipient in the desired way.

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