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How to Develop the Best Brand Personality for You

As we said above while the goals of brand personality may be the same for everyone, the approaches should be molded by your unique business. In other words, the destination is the same, but how you get there depends on you. Read the 3 tips below to help you create the best brand personality design for you. brand personality design for Canine Habits A lot of branding uses dogs, but for the pet industry it’s almost exclusively happy dogs, rather than the angry or scary dogs you might see in other industries. That’s because pet owners, the target audience, respond better to happy dogs thanks to a personal connection. Logo design by DSKY. Cater to your target customers Chanel’s sophisticated and exclusive brand personality has served it well for almost a century because it fits perfectly with the high-fashion sense of their target customers, but if you tried that brand personality with a bargain brand like Dollar Tree, it would be a huge disaster.

The top priority in your brand personality is meeting your target customer’s preferences even more important than your own preferences. Ideally you already have a firm grasp on who your customers are and what they want, but regardless gathering quantitative customer data can reveal insights you never would have guessed on your own. Make a list of adjectives to describe your ideal brand personality This is a quick exercise designed for first-timers in branding to help get the creative juices flowing. If you’re having background remove service trouble deciding on your traits, make a list of adjectives describing your perfect brand personality. Listing words like “youthful,” “energetic” and “passionate,” can help you hone in on the greater personality, and words like “inexpensive,” “convenient” and “user-friendly” can help you solidify your value and carve out a place in your market. Just remember to keep your target customers in mind, specifically their preferences and expectations.


The words on this list should appeal to them more than you. brand personality design for CapitalWave If you’re still stuck, you can “warm up” by trying this activity in reverse. List the adjectives that pop into your mind when you see the branding for CapitalWave. Logo design by ludibes. If your brand were a person… This is a bit on the nose, but it helps to visualize your brand as a living, breathing human to create a brand persona. If you can’t decide what direction to take your brand personality, try to imagine that your ideal brand is a real person and you’re meeting them at a party for the first time. Ask yourself these questions: How does your brand greet you? Do they give you an enthusiastic, “Hi, how are you?” or a nonchalant “ ‘sup”? Do they shake your hand formally or go straight in for a hug? How does your brand act? Does your brand get straight to the point? Do they like to crack jokes? This can help you understand your brand voice.

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