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It can sometimes be difficult to decide between two ecommerce platforms , even though they are so different. After our Webflow vs Shopify comparison, you'll find that your decision will depend entirely on your experience and desire for certain features. Read on to learn how Webflow and Shopify pair up. Webflow vs Shopify: Pricing As with all product and service comparisons, it makes sense to cover pricing first. After all, if an e-commerce platform doesn't fit your budget, there's no reason to consider it. At the same time, it's important not to be coaxed into the platform just because it has a $0 or low price tag.  

Because there's almost always some expense that you didn't expect, and Australia Phone Number you might end up doing more work and spending too much money after all the work is done. So, let's explore pricing from both to see which is best for you. Webflow vs Shopify Webflow Pricing Plans What's good about testing Webflow is that there is no limit to the duration of your tests. So, as long as you're not involved in a project, you can run up to two projects, view tutorials, and access full design control. After that, you can connect your domain name and use the website. Webflow sells regular website plans, but we won't cover those right now.

We're more interested in the ecommerce plan as this is directly comparable to the ecommerce plan of Shopify . site plan These are sold by item, so you basically pay the monthly fee for one website.Here's how the ecommerce website plans are priced: Standard – $29 per month, access to all features of the CMS, custom checkout and cart, product fields, email customization, integrated blog, 2% transaction fee, Stripe payments, automatic tax calculation, Apple Pay and web Payments, three employee accounts, supporting annual sales up to $500,000, and multiple social integrations Plus – $79 per month with access to all the features of the previous plan, plus unbranded email, 0% transaction fees, 10 staff accounts, and support up to $2 million per year.


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