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This is how Antonio Hitos has imagined the extraterrestrials









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Matter is the figure designed from the illustrations of Antonio Hitos for the comic that he himself wrote. Matter is the title of the graphic novel written and illustrated by Antonio Hitos  antoniohitos  published by Atisberri and which has earned him several nominations for national and international awards. Matter is the 3D creature that he has designed inspired by his own literary work in collaboration with Juan Luis Castro  juanluiscastro  for Your Planet Sucks . Matter the alien who has come to conquer Earth 1 Matter tells the story of an alien invasion that takes place on earth in a quiet and orderly manner.

The protagonists of the story an apathetic student of quantum physics the father of a fallen media star and a graffiti artist on the margin between art and vandalism who a priori have little in common will see their lives photo background removing completely transformed by the extraterrestrial visit shedding some light on the three pieces of the puzzle that make up the human intellect science ethics and aesthetics. Matter the alien who has come to conquer Earth 3 Matter on the other hand is the figure project developed according to the comic illustrations.  yellow semirobotic beings armed and prepared to attack in order to finally conquer the Earth.

Matters design is part of the final project of the course Express Introduction to 3D from scratch to render with Cinema 4D  taught by Zigor Samaniego. This project with the indisputable seal of DíazFaes aims to serve as a loudspeaker for children and to show their vision of current affairs. Tiny Huge News TV is a Dodo Laboratory project that aims to give children a voice so they can narrate their vision of current events. An international collaboration network between China Spain Germany and other countries in the world which wants to show the approach of the most needy children and above all serve as a speaker for those who are or have been protagonists of the events that appear in the news.  


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