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Expand Your YouTube Ads’ Reach With Custom Intent Audiences









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For my awareness campaigns, I’ve always implemented custom audiences first for my clients. No matter what size their budgets, it’s important to try to capitalize on our target audience first before broadening our reach. Custom affinity audiences used to be my go-to for YouTube campaigns because I could create audiences from a combination of keywords and URLs based on people’s interests and habits. They still work very well for many of my campaigns. I suspect many of you do the same. These days, though, we can get more specific with our audience targeting on YouTube thanks to custom intent audiences for video campaigns, which use broad-match search terms people have actually searched on Google.
Unlike affinity audiences, this allows you to try to target people who were actively searching for your product or service. Sound good? Let me show you my favorite different types of custom intent audiences I like to Canada Phone Number create for almost all of my clients running YouTube ads: Converting Search Queries Converting Keywords Localized Terms Top Selling Products (for Ecommerce Sites) Internal Site Search Queries I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of setting them up (that’s pretty intuitive for you advertisers), but you will see which I apply to get the reach we all want for our campaigns: EDITOR’S NOTE: Joe’s a pro, but if you’re still a little unclear on the difference between custom affinity audiences and custom intent audiences.

Just remember the following: Affinity audiences are based on people’s general habits and interests when browsing online (i.e., reading a lot of marketing blogs), while intent audiences target people based on what they’re currently searching for (i.e., “landing page builder”). Must Try: Converting Search Queries You basically have to start with converting search queries. This is the no-brainer—as in, must try immediately—custom intent audience! Think about it: Google Ads tells us what our converting visitors were actually looking for on Google.


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