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In this debate, it is the American cinema, the most influential cultural industry, which speaks loud and clear. The president of the Motion Picture Association of America (the MPAA is the most powerful cultural lobby in the United States) has openly opposed net neutrality . In a speech that can be traced on his organization's website, Dan Glickman clearly implied that it is absolutely necessary to police the Web if we want to create a solid business model for the online sale of film productions. “ Today, new tools allow us to work with internet service providers to prevent illegal activity on the web.

However, new initiatives are emerging in Washington and image manipulation service hampering this essential progress . Its advocates sum up these initiatives with the phrase “net neutrality,” a shrewd phrase… But, at the end of the day, there is nothing neutral in this regard for our customers or our ability to make great films at home 'coming. Government regulation of the internet (allowing this neutrality) would hamper our ability to respond to the consumer in innovative ways and prevent broadband providers from dealing with rampant piracy issues Reply from the Independents “ The IFTA Independent Film & Television Alliance.

It was flabbergasted to learn that the MPAA and the six major studios that are its members have undertaken to denounce the principle of network neutrality and its promoters. Our association strongly disagrees with your position and that of your members.” According to the IFTA and its president, what is at stake in the debate is not so much the establishment of government regulation on the Internet as the prevention of " the stranglehold of large companies and their desire to impose their vision of private regulation of the internet at the expense of the public.


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