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How Do Professional Communities With Small Platforms and Small Audiences









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When we start from 0 and start a new community, directly copying the model of a large company or a popular industry may not work well. So, how should we achieve a cold start and do community operations? First of all, we understand the characteristics of our own products and communities, as well as the biggest difficulties. Product features: small audience, high verticality, strong professionalism, and weak interest; Difficulties: cold start of product community, 0 seed users, no drainage channels. There are generally two options for the initial pull mode of the community: Focusing on the target theme, producing high-quality content and services, and attracting high-viscosity users, this is a very ideal way to attract new users; First gather a group of users with discounts or prizes, and then screen users by content.

Many people push and follow to send prizes in this form. If it is a community that meets the needs of the public, such as shopping and food, the above two forms are effective quickly. As long as the Phone Number List product content is good, you don’t have to worry too much about the later activity and conversion. However, if it is a community with a small audience and strong professionalism as mentioned in the title, it needs some consideration. The former is too slow to gather users for some areas with relatively few audiences. Because the initial user base is too small, the spread is also slow, and it may be difficult for operators to explain to the leaders.

Although the latter can quickly gather users, the real audience ratio may not be high, and it may only acquire a batch of low-quality wool parties at the cost. In the subsequent operation, there will be low activity, low conversion and many advertisements. , the operation is very difficult. Of course, the quality of users is also related to the choice of prizes. It is more difficult to choose a prize with a higher degree of relevancy to start, but a prize that is more accurate for users and less relevant but popular can quickly gather a large base of people, but it may affect the retention rate and even the fission effect. It has a great impact. This is a place that needs special attention.


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