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The evolution of the Canon logo from 1934









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Levi's— Evolution of famous brand logos the example of Levi's The evolution of the Levi's logo from 1890 to the present day Unlike the other examples on this list, Levis chose to assume the original versions of their logo, rather than send them to oblivion. You can still find the brand's first logo, albeit in a simplified version, on some of its flagship jeans. After all, the failure of two horses to rip a pair of jeans in half conveys the idea of ​​​​the product's sturdiness very well, in 1890 as it does today. The story of Levi's logo evolution is one of minimalism and simplification. While that detailed, wordy logo was normal in the 1800s, more than a century later it doesn't look out of place on a tablet screen or digital billboard.

Because of this, Levi's downplayed photo retouching service everything, including their brand name. The current Levi's logo is small and simple enough to be printed clearly on a centimeter-long label. The choice of red, one of the most eye-catching colors, also makes it easy for the brand to stand out. And when she has the option of using a bigger and more detailed logo, she falls back on her original design, just to remind her customers that she has been on the market for a while. 4.Apple — _ Evolution of famous brand logos the example of Apple The evolution of the Apple logo from 1976 to today Apple is the company that gave us the MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iPod and so many other things so popular that some people are willing to sleep on the pavement to be the first to get them. It is also arguably the most recognizable brand in the world.

And its logo is too. While Apple's first logo in the 1970s was a little…strange (Issac Newton sitting next to a tree), the brand adopted its iconic apple as early as 1976. And while the company has made minor changes in colors and finishes since then, its logo has remained intact for the past 30 years. What works well with the Apple logo is that we immediately think of the brand's products as soon as we see it. There is no confusion about the identity of the company behind this design or even about the products (and the quality of the products) that the company offers. 5. Cannon— Evolution of famous brand logos the example of Canon  to the present day Although most of us assume that Canon derives its name from the English word "cannon", it is actually the Japanese spelling ("Kwanon") of a Chinese goddess in Buddhist mythology. Canon's predecessor, Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory, produced the first "Kwanon" camera in 1934.


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